Our contribution to a sustainable world is helping our customers
enable global access to life-saving pharmaceuticals, through patient-safe, reliable and efficient cold chain solutions.

Sustainability is embedded in our purpose and strategy

At m88官方下载, sustainability is a cornerstone of our company, and we hold ourselves to high sustainability standards throughout our value chain. We firmly believe that collaboration is the key to achieving success and by working together with our partners, our suppliers, and our third-party stations, we can make a significant impact on the environment and promote sustainable practices throughout our value chain.

m88官方下载´s largest contribution to a sustainable world is enabling global access to life-saving pharmaceuticals, through patient- safe, reliable and efficient cold chain solutions. During 2022, we developed our Sustainability Strategy even further. You can find out more in our 2022 Sustainability Report below.

m88官方下载 Sustainability Report 2022


Our Sustainability Strategy

To fulfil our purpose and to incorporate sustainability into our overall strategy, we will focus on the four strategic sustainability areas outlined below. These will be aligned with our core business, with clear targets and action areas. These areas are evaluated and measured annually.

The foundation of our sustainability activities is our Purpose and Code of Conduct. Our purpose, “Enabling global access to biopharmaceuticals”, is our single most important contribution to society and leads to the two overall strategic objectives:

1- Ensuring global availability of a patient safe, cost-efficient and trustworthy pharma distribution cold chain.
2- Ensuring zero temperature excursions or pharma product loss in m88官方下载’s cold chain solutions.

The next step for 2023 is to set a new Sustainability Policy for the company, together with new strategic objectives and actions for each focus area and adjust the key performance indicators. This way, we make sure that m88官方下载 continues to be a forerunner creating sustainable solutions to ensure a safe supply of pharmaceuticals around the world.